The Hip Father Francis


Hi everyone,

Pope Francis has been moving the world and although I, myself, am not Christian, the Catholic Church is a force to be reckoned with, so I thought I would look into what have these guys (literally) been up to.

The Pope has published a new teaching and since it is over 250 pages it is probably safe to call it a book (though not THE book). It is called “The Joy of Love” and it has a lot to say about sex, marriage and divorce (surely speaking from personal experience). Some of the main points include acceptance of divorcees to the Church, acknowledgment of alternate lifestyles and I dare to say a call for moderate modernisation of the Church. That all sounds great, however, it also clearly rejects the institution of same-sex institutional marriage and condemnation of the notion “safe sex”. Some of it seems quite contradictory, so for heaven’s sakes (pun intended) what is happening in the Catholic Church right now.

In my humble opinion the Pope has much more radical personal views than what he can reasonably say out loud. There has been an incident during his visit to the US that is illustrating that well. While there he met with his former student who happens to be gay and his partner. The private meeting was requested by the student and the Pope seemed more than happy to accept (there was some hugging involved I hear). At the same time during the same visit, one of the Catholic cardinals set up a meeting with Kim Davis (i.e. radical anti-gay public servant) which the Pope was not so happy about and soon after the cardinal was transferred.

To draw an analogy from this incident to the Church, it looks like the Pope would like to push for a more substantial change in the structure, but also must concede too the old school clergy that is very much in power of the administration. It is like a marriage of reason. The administration needs to improve their image and boost decaying Christianity around the world and the Pope wants to make a real change. Given enough time and opportunity he even might achieve that.

Lastly let’s also note that while the Pope is famous and popular, his voice doesn’t hold much sway in Protestant communities and various sects around the world that amount to roughly 40% of all Christians. Most importantly it is mainly those sects that perpetuate the hatred produced by people like Kim Davis.



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